‘Ink’ by Alice Broadway

This was another very different read!  ‘Ink’ is set in a world where your family connections, achievements, significant events and any transgressions are marked on an individual’s skin as tattoos, so that others can see who you really are.  Set against a tense backdrop where outsiders who bear no tattoos (‘blanks’) are seen as a threat to this community’s way of life, Leora is growing up believing that this gives order to her world, and the skin ‘books’ that are created from those who have died means they live on in some important way and allows them to be forever remembered.  However, the death of her father sets a train of events in motion that leave Leora questioning everything she held to be true.  A missing piece of skin leads to shocking revelations that will change her world forever.

Themes of faith and belief in an afterlife are key to this book.  It is also a coming of age story, with three of the main characters just leaving education to start forging lives for themselves in their chosen field of work.  These are all themes that will resonate with our students.  The book itself has the most beautiful cover, carefully reflecting the story inside.


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