‘Beyond the Wall’ Tanya Landman

Tanya continues to be one of my favourite writers for young people (& I am very lucky to have met her at an event in my school) ‘Beyond the Wall’ does not disappoint!

Set in one of my favourite historical periods, Roman Britain, Cassia is a slave.  She finds herself having to flee her home and only known relative, her brother, following an incident where she ended up maiming her master.  Alone and desperate, she makes her way to London where she meets Marcus – a Roman unlike any other she has met.  He is charming and is able to help her hide, as her furious master searches to reclaim his possession.  She decides to travel north, beyond the Empire’s reach past Hadrian’s Wall.  The journey seems impossible, but with the help of Marcus and the other slaves who decide to join her on the journey and some clever planning and a measure of good luck it looks as if they might actually make it.  But overhearing a chance comment from Marcus, Cassia wonders if he is all he seems to be.

I loved this book.  It is a great adventure, and very pacily written.  There were a few moments where I had to suspend disbelief, but I thoroughly enjoyed this Roman romp!  The book rounds everything off in a very satisfying way, and our students will love it!


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